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Monday, June 23, 2008

Why Jerry Will Struggle

What’s up Mets fans, Willie here, you’re at one point fearless leader. If you thought this blog would die, think again. Why I technically don’t manage the Mets any more, I never considered it my primary job in the first place (between Subway promos and the Denny’s world tour and all, I mean com’on).

So while I may not be in the clubhouse anymore, that in no way precludes me from sharing with you what’s up with the Mets. After all, I know Jerry best (as well as my former players) and will be able to offer you an excellent account of everything you want to know – why is Billy Wagner blowing saves (his yoga teacher has been testy with him recently), why is Jose vacillating between injured and good enough to go (he’s recently been employing the injured defense when he, Carlos and I play paintball, and clearly confused the baseball with a paintball and thought it was okay to play hurt for a while only to get up and pretend like nothing happened), why is David Wright sluggish (um,obviously somebody still has be responsible for my dry cleaning, grocery shopping, Chauffeuring, and general errands, fired or not am I), or why does Jerry look nervous when our pitcher bats (he is confused about the DH rule, and consequently is batting our pitcher as the DH, even though rule 104.b.3 clearly states you can only do that if he doesn’t bat 9th – I’m not sure why nobody is enforcing this).

Anyway, given that David Wright and Endy Chavez are around less, I’m actually busier doing more things for myself (somebody’s got to clip those toe nails). So I apologize, Mets fans, that I am no longer your skipper, but if we learned anything from watching that documentary on ABC called Lost, all skippers die when their boats blow up (i.e., how many games can you expect to win when your star setup man Mois Alou is out. Check back soon Metsalones fans (the name of the Dominican fantasy team I am manager of) and Mets fans. I will keep you updates with my expert opinion of the Mets as well as what’s up in WillieTown.


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