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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Today Was Bad

What's up Mets fans, Willie here again. Today was just embarrassing. Let me begin from the beginning.

After our nice victory on Saturday, I started celebrating what I thought was a nice series victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles. I started with a triple whiskey and let's just say the night ended with bodyshots! (Don't tell my wife please.) The next thing I know, I was woken up early in the morning (like 9) by a loud banging sound on my front door. I put on my robe and made my way down the stairs, and opened the door to find David Wright standing there! I yelled at him for bothering me on my off day, especially since he knows how much I like to sleep in the day after I party hearty. But incredibly, he told me that we had to play the Dodgers again, double or nothing! I'm not really sure why, but my guess is that Grady Little was embarrassed by losing and challenged us to one more game. I don't know why we agreed to it, but whatev, a bet's a bet. So David drives me to Shea Stadium. Fortunately Jerry Manuel had already made the lineup, so I got a chance to take a nice nap. Unfortunately, Steve Trachel was pitching. For some reason, watching his pitching performance today really made me have to vomit even more. It must've been the three shots of tequila I took before the game.

Now I'm not one to put too much emphasis on a player's "performance". I much prefer to go with my guts and manage like that. So after Steve's performance today, I'm sure he's due for a lot of good ones in the future. Therefore, I intend to play him in Left Field to let Cliffy Baseball have a bit more rest.

I'm going to be honest with you fans. I am bored. These games really don't mean much, and all they do is get in the way of my partying. I think I'm going to have to work hard to combine my partying with the remaining games. One idea I have is to let sexy ladies chill with me in the dugout, but I know what my buddy Keith Hernandez would say about that. I'd welcome any suggestions!

I think we're playing somebody coming up, but I don't know who. I hope Hawaii! Let's go Mets!


  • At 12:16 PM, Anonymous Willie Fanatic #1 said…

    you go willie

  • At 4:25 PM, Anonymous Tim Teufel's Uvula said…

    I love you WILLIE!

  • At 4:26 PM, Anonymous Tim Teufel's Uvula said…

    I love you WILLIE!

  • At 4:28 PM, Blogger Toasty Joe said…

    Willie, these posts just get better and better. Keep it up, pal.

  • At 12:02 AM, Anonymous Willie Fanatic #1 said…

    dude, Hawaii is the best team in the majors. you better prepare


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