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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Told You Guys!

What's up Met fans, Willie here again. Well I don't like saying "I told you so", so instead I'll just mention that I was right and that you were all wrong. Victor gave us six strong innings and really projected an aura of confidence, and dare I say, gangsterness. I think the Washington Nationals hitters were genuinely scared of Victor and felt that if they got a hit, he would shoot them as they lined up to get on the team bus after the game. That's the kind of mood you want your ace to set!

A lot of people were critical of Jose last night after making a big out in a critical stage in the game and potentially causing us to lose the game, but I'm not one of those people. Jose is an electrifying player and I think we're only going to see Jose getting better as time goes on. By the way, I'm talking about Jose Valentin not Jose Reyes, who got thrown out at third in a key situation late in the game. What an idiot! I knew I should have started Valentin at short last night.

Last night after the game, I threw an idea out to Rick Peterson and I want to run it by you loyal blog readers as well. Since Duaner Sanchez has proven that he is incapable of giving up a run, why not start him? Imagine a starter who would give you a complete game shutout every time?! I'd be crazy not do it!

Okay Met fans, we've got a tough game tomorrow as our rookie pitcher John Maine gets a start in place of the injured Brian Bannister. (At least he'll be starting unless I can convince Peterson about my plan for Duaner...)


  • At 12:01 PM, Blogger Toasty Joe said…

    Willie: Great move pulling Duaner (10 pitches) for Wagner in the 9th with the 8-9-1 spots due up in the bottom of the inning. At first I was perplexed, but then I realized you knew Julio Franco would walk, Reyes would slap a single to left on an 0-2 count, and Majewski would throw a double-play ball into centerfield, thus ending the game. You're brilliant.

  • At 12:18 AM, Anonymous hasan said…

    come on Willie, tell us something about getting tossed tonight.

  • At 7:43 AM, Anonymous charlie miller said…

    When was the last time a homegrown NY Met Minor (their own player) become a superstar except for Tom Seaver who they luckily received in a draft lottery. Jose Reyes is too impatient & will never be a great leadoff hitter. Ok yes but he never walks. Also I recently saw a couple of times 1st & 2nd no outs & they can't move the runners over because they strike out too much. Not hitting coach fault because Major League players (except rookies) should not need coaching. That kid pitching last night for Nationals was a pitcher not a thrower. Also need more production from 2nd base - it's been a horror show. I thing everything is going to catch up to this team & bite them in the ass.


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