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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Nice Victory

Hello Met Fans, Willie Here. Nice victory last night. I was very happy with our execution, our dedication, and our general motivation. I don't know what it was, but our guys really seemed like they wanted to win last night!

A few issues still arose throughout the game though:

In the second inning, we found ourselves having 2nd and 3rd with no outs and Endy Chavez at the plate and with Pedro behind him. Jerry Manuel (bench coach) came to me and said, "Willie, hit and run or bunt?" I responded, "Time to think big, Jerry." So I went to the top step of the dugout and gave third base coach Manny Acta the sign to tell Chavez that I was calling the homerun. Yes, true it was risky, but the hit and run and bunt simply could not give me the offense I needed. So I told Chavez to hit a homerun. Unfortunately, the sign was lost in tranlation between English and Spanish. Manny, Endy and I are going to have so have a sitdown before tonight's game.

Also, I don't know if you guys have noticed, but I've decided to institute the "fist pound" as the official team "thing to do". It is really great for motivating players because the fist pound can be for celebration as well as for pain; it can go from celebratory maneuver to closed fist punch in the forehead in no time. It keeps the players guessing and makes them want to win, especially because no one wants to be punched in the forehead.

Okay Met fans, I want to discuss a serious situation. As we all know, our Triple A pitcher Yusaku Iriki was suspended for 50 games for using steroids. I think this brings to light a really serious issue in baseball: sucky players using steroids. So far, every player caught has been terrible. What kind of steroids are they using? Clearly not the good stuff. I think we as lovers of baseball need to convene a committee to examine whether we should allow garbage players like Iriki to use steroids to be able to play on the same level as tremendosly talented players like Victor Zambrano and Jose Valentin. But I think this is an issue better explored in depth in my forthcoming book, Willie on Willie.

Okay guys, I'm off to get some continental breakfast. See you tonight Met fans!


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