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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Atlanta Time

What's up Met fans, Willie here again. We're here for a big series against the Atlanta Braves. A lot of people keep saying that the Atlanta Braves are the team to beat since they've won 14 division titles in a row and that every year someone picks against them, they end up having to eat crow. Well after I checked into my hotel, I thought I would walk around Atlanta and talk to actual Brave fans about their team. I found that these fans aren't nearly as Brave as they're cracked up to be. If you chase them with a baseball bat, they tend to run and cry.

On to baseball matters, Peterson has prevailed on me to skip Victor Zambrano and go with Pedro on Friday, Glavine on Saturday and Trachsel on Sunday. I guess this is okay, but we'll have to see. A bunch of the guys on our team are in slumps, like Jose Reyes, David Wright and Cliff Floyd. They may need days off. I know what you're thinking: I could play Jose Valentin at all three positions, perhaps even simultaneously. I think I'm going to put that idea to the side for now though, and instead send him to the bullpen. After Wagner's meltdown on Wednesday, we need a closer who exudes an aura of strength, and I think Jose and his moustache are perfect.

On to the injury report, our main injuries right now are Brian Bannister (hamstring), David Wright (groin), and Carlos Beltran (testicles). Bannister will probably miss a start. I've asked Peterson to see if Victor has any family members we could sign to pitch in Bannister's place. If we can't locate any, we might have to go with Plan B, Jose Valentin. David Wright's groin is doing a lot better, but he did re-injure it a bit when Billy Wagner punched him in that area after Wright apologized for bumping into him in the hotel lobby. I think Wagner's anti-apologism might become a problem. I know Beltran has an appointment with a witch doctor today, so hopefully that hamstring will be 100% soon.

See you tomorrow Met fans!


  • At 4:22 PM, Blogger Toasty Joe said…

    Hi Willie! I love your blog. I have one that's a tribute to you - check it out when you get a chance. http://toastedjoe.blogspot.com

    Don't be scared if you see lots of criticism on there. I swear, I didn't mean any of it. But if you feel free to defend yourself, jump right in!


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